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Worship 10:45 am
Prayer Meeting 8:15pm


“It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High” (Psalm 92: 1)

We are grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to gather for our first physical worship service since 22 March 2020. We thank God for enabling us to worship online for the past six months during the “circuit breaker” period. Indeed, the Lord has been good to us.

As we resume our worship service, it is important that we observe the safe management measures and precautions, as required by the authorities:

1. Register via the Church’s SafeEntry QR code when entering and exiting the premises. Take your temperature and record it in the forms provided. Anyone with a temperature above 37.5C will be asked to leave the premises.

2. Wear a face mask at all times. Observe good personal hygiene. Wash your hands before and after service and use the sanitiser provided.

3. Maintain a safe distance of one meter from one another.

4. Refrain from mingling or talking before, during and after the worship service. Leave immediately after the worship service ends. No refreshments will be served.

5. Although there will be piano music, no singing is allowed. Listen quietly to the music and meditate on the words of the hymns. As for Responsive Reading, the chairman will read the whole passage.

6. There should be no sharing of Bibles, hymnals or personal items.

7. Please place your tithes and offerings directly into the offering bag located near the door either before or after the service.

8. This being the first Sunday of the month, the Lord’s Supper will be served. Please collect the communion bread and wine (pre-packed) at the entrance of the sanctuary.

9. Speakers, chairmen, Bible class and Sunday School teachers will be required to wear a face shield and maintain a two-metre distance from the congregation/their students.

10. All are encouraged to download and activate the TraceTogether App.

Brethren, let us make every effort to comply with the above safe management measures. May the Lord keep us safe as we resume the ministries of the church. Continue to pray for God’s mercies to deliver us from this pandemic.

– Pastor